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Thank you so much for such a lovable and awesome puppy.  Betty has been spectacular.  She was so good on the drive home then at bed time she went into her crate and straight to sleep.  I am truly amazed at how trained she is already.  She is so friendly  and loves everyone she meets.  I feel so blessed to have such a good girl.  I can't thank you enough.


Wonderful breeder! She takes incredible care of the puppies from the minute they arrive to the minute they come to their forever homes.  We even received weekly updates of our pup until we got to take her home!  My OES is such a beautiful dog and brings so much joy into our home!


My mom and I wanted to send you an update on Murphy! He is fitting in perfectly with his new family :) He is attached at the hip to his new brother and sister, but not too sure about the cats yet. You did an amazing job getting him trained to go outside to go to the bathroom, although he has had only a few accidents inside he continues to go outside 9-10 times. He is so loving and good natured, thank you so much!


From the moment I decided I wanted an OES the breeder was so helpful.  She was helpful and answered all the questions I had.  Once the puppies were born she was amazing.  She took such great care of all the puppies.  We would get updates, pictures and even visits before we could bring Oscar home.  The experience leading up to taking Oscar home was so great.  Oscar is such a calm and loving puppy and I know it's because of how he was taken care of when he was just a little puppy.  He is great with children and loves playing outside.  The breeder is passionate and truly cares for each dog.  I sometimes still reach out when I have questions and she doesn't hesitate and is always willing to answer and help me.  Thank you for everything!


Absolutely incredible breeder! The puppies were clearly adored prior to going to their forever homes. Upon arriving home, Ralphy was trained to use a pee pad, and very familiar with grooming routines. On his arrival day, we received an exceptional custom made package with items including toys, treats and a calendar depicting pictures of first two months of life. He is 8 months old now and the absolute sweetest, snuggliest dog I have ever owned. We could not be happier.


I just wanted to send you a little update on wee Lou. He is SUCH an amazing little puppy - not a single pee in the house in three weeks! He’s growing like a weed and is almost 16lbs. His absolute best friend (surprisingly) is our 8lb Pomeranian Xena; they’re inseparable. He’s a hot little guy - loves to sleep on the tile floors and every floor AC vent, none of the dog beds. He’s even started to show some herding instincts with the birds. He’s charmed everyone who met him - you gave him the very best start to dog life!


I’ve been wanting to email you and let you know that Ollie is doing very well.  He’s been an absolute joy since the day I brought him home. I want to thank you for all the care that you provided him and brought up such a well adjusted puppy.  I brought him in to meet our vet and staff a few days after he was home. They were all impressed at how social and comfortable he was greeting everyone.  The crate training you provided was a blessing. He was well adjusted to his crate his first night. Slept 6 hours straight and has been getting better ever since.  He is a very easy puppy to train.  Sit, come, stay, wait, follow, and his favourite game is fetch and returns to do it all again over and over.  I probably spend too much time just watching him, lol, but the dusting can wait, he won’t be a puppy long.
Thank you for the thoughtful gift basket.  The stuffy I’m sure made the transition easier for him. And the treats have come in handy.  His baby picture is a treasure and I love his bandana.  Ollie has met and played with my daughter’s OES, Georgie,  and they get along very well.  She tolerates 
his endless face nipping. Has not yet given him a warning, and she’s gentle when they play. 
Again, thank you for such a wonderful puppy!


I just wanted to send a little update on Rex. He is doing great and has been a wonderful addition to our family! We really appreciate all the time you spent talking with us, answering our questions and letting us visit Rex before he came home. The time you took with us made us feel very comfortable! We can really tell all the time and energy you put into ensuring the puppies were well loved, taken care of and ready for their forever homes. With you starting the crate training, it really made the transition to our home easy. We couldn't believe how quickly Rex was responding to his name and sitting down when we asked. We were amazed that this little puppy could sit, come when called and settle into his crate so well. The puppy basket with the scent object, toys and treats was a nice surprise. We loved that you sent a picture from when he was first born. A special keepsake for us! We can't thank you enough for all you've done. We can tell how passionate you are about all of your dogs. We are so happy with our handsome, little Rex

Kelly & Adam

Can you believe that I almost missed out on Bliss, because I was worried about the fact that she's got border collie in her? I was worried about her exercise needs - I am not super active myself. I was nervous that she'd be too intense for me, and that she'd be hard to handle.
Hawt dang - I am SO grateful you invited me over to meet her. Between her natural intelligence and your family's diligence with house breaking and crate training... we were set up for success!
Can I brag a bit? Her last accident was 3 days after I brought her home (for a total of 3 accidents - and really, they were all my fault). She is good at telling me when she needs out, if I miss the signals. She was sleeping 6 hours a night by the end of her first week home, and a full 8 by the end of the second.
She loves her crate. And she loves the food puzzles and snuffle mats even more - thank you for recommending them! They were / are a life saver - if I am not able to walk her one day, it is not a big deal because of them. She's already at level 3. I think she might be smarter than I am.
She's what, almost 4 months old? She already knows: sit, wait, outside, upstairs, in, paw, high five, down, and give. She's so smart - it took me about 3 attempts to teach, for her to get the command.
She barked a bit, when she discovered her voice - my trainer Ashley (with Bark Busters in Sudbury) taught me what I needed to discourage it. That was super important to me, given that I work from of my home with clients here.
What's even more neat (to me) is how quickly she has learned to ignore things going on around her - including door knocks, and dogs or people when we're out walking. We're currently learning how to walk off-lead... and she is a star pupil!
My experience with Bliss has been so.. easy (oh - and she is living up to her name completely!).. I knew I needed a sister for her. I can not wait for her parents to have their next litter. I'm going to name her sister, Joy. Who doesn't want to live in the same house as Bliss and Joy?
Thank you again for taking the time to answer all of my questions, I know I can be a bit neurotic. Knowing that you were just a text away made me feel more confident as a puppy owner - given I've only ever had senior dogs.
Please forgive my (maybe) overzealous.. puppy mom bragging.

Thank you so much for all of your help and support.


I am so happy with my dog that I got from these breeders. They have been nothing but supportive and generous. I was blown away by the gift basket they sent me home with. Homemade plaque with my dog’s name on it and a hook for her leash, lil’ blanket with her mother Jersey’s scent, a dog brush, beautiful plush toy, a postcard of her as a puppy with her name on it, some healthy training treats and her vet record with first shots etc.  It’s pretty clear that these breeders love their dogs and care a lot about the health and well being of the puppies to be adopted. Before I even met the pups parents the breeders let me go visit their place and meet them and their other dogs and right away I wanted any sort of mix they had to offer - all their dogs were so awesome especially the OES dogs. What characters this breed is. They also arranged for me to meet the parents of the litter (OES mom /Bernedoodle dad). Talk about a cool mix of breeds and is very rare.  My dog is so special. She is so peaceful and she is extremely smart and easy to train and soft and cute and patient and amazing. She has the clown-like silliness of the OES, easy going and calm nature of the regal Bernese Mountain dog, and intelligence of a poodle. I keep underestimating her intelligence and what she understands. The relationship /communication between dog and human is truly special. She also looks like a Jim Henson muppet and it feels like I’m living with a young monk, lol. She’s so dignified. I love my dog. Thank you to these breeders for putting up with all my questions and visits to see the pups. I couldn’t have picked a better breeder. Very professional and nice people. I am grateful for meeting this breeder because I seriously could not have asked for a better dog. Thank you guys. I’m a very happy new dog owner.


Kevin played with all the little grandkids today.  He went for a ride in my stroller while the big pack was walking. (until fully vaccinated)  he was in the car and did store visits with Georgie and I. 

You did a very good job socializing and making stable pups.  He wore a harness today so I could belt him in the stroller and he is almost fearless.  Great job!

Kevin is doing well.  I would never get a pup from anyone else.  He is such a solid personality.  He loves Georgie Immensely and follows her around but does have an independent streak as well.  He is potty trained and since I take in pups at my home he has been extremely socialized.  He has been attending puppy classes 2x weekly to be with small puppies .  He loves the grandkids !  

Thank you for all of the socialization you have done with him.  He does not fear anything.  He does school pick up and is always up for shopping in a cart.  I can't wait till he is fully vaccinated.  

Really wanted to thank you!


Ruby has been making herself home here at the Namespetra house. She is such a great girl. We’ve had many visitors and kids come over and play and she loves every minute of it!! She has been responding very well to a stern No and makes us aware when she needs to go outside. With the exception of the first night she has been sleeping in her crate without whining or accidents.  Her favourite activities are morning belly rubs, running outside in the backyard, and chewing her kong bone. She also has a favourite soccer ball that she chases with the kids. Thanks for raising such a well mannered little pup. She is social and is not nervous around new people. She’s also very calm and loving and rarely barks. We are in love!!

Namespetra Family

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