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Watch Me!

I never realized that teaching your dog "Watch me!" could have such amazing results in your puppy training.

This is definitely one of the best words to teach right away!

Use a favorite treat, I used cooked chicken because it is easy to break into very small pieces and puppy's really like like it.

Get her attention by letting her know you have a tasty treat in your hand.

Bring your hand with the treat in up to your face, as soon as she makes eye contact, Praise "Good girl!" and give her a tiny piece of chicken.

Repeat a few times until she is doing it eagerly.

Now introduce the word, "Watch me!" say this as you bring your hand up and eye contact is made.

Does she understand the word right away? Of course not, she is following your hand anticipating the yummy treat.

Now we will begin giving a treat every 3rd or 4th time and give a verbal "Good girl!" in between.

Patience, practice and about 10 minutes a day is all it takes to enjoy the benefits of your puppy knowing this command!


Using this training method worked really well for me when I was training Tug. He was 7 months old when I taught it to him but I definitely recommend teaching it between 9&10 weeks.

*If your dog is older make sure you can see his eyes so that you know for sure that you are making eye contact. I had to give Tug a trim first!

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